Rice kheer – Quick fix for midnight hunger pangs!

Kheer is an authentic Indian dessert which is basically a pudding prepared by boiling rice with milk. My Father works late at night, and when he comes back he always want something to eat. Most of the times, he will ask for Kheer because it is easiest and can be cooked in a blink of an eye :p (pun intended).

Let’s make this recipe quickly with the leftover rice.


Rice Kheer| Serves – 6| Indian dessert

Ingredients ; 

1 tsp clarified butter (ghee)

10 cashewnut (chopped half)

10 almonds ( Chopped half)

1 cup leftover rice

1 n 1/2 Litre Milk

1/2 tsb Cardamom powder

5-6 Chiraunjee

Sugar to taste



  1. Heat the bowl shaped frying pan, add 1 tsp of clarified butter and roast cashewnuts and almonds a little. keep aside.
  2. Add milk to the pan, get it to boil then add sugar. 
  3. Add leftover rice and mix it well with sweetened milk.
  4. Keep stirring in between and simmer for 15 mins until milk is reduced to half.
  5. Add powdered cardamom powder, roasted almonds and cashewnuts to Kheer and give a good mix.
  6. Finally, serve it hot or chilled ( as your guests want).





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